Develon DX55-5C

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Operating Weight(kg): 5,400 Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.18 Engine Power (kW): 36.2

Weight (kg): 5,400
Bucket Size (m³): Std GP 0.18
Digging Depth (m): 3.645

Engine Details:
4 Cylinder

Durability: Built with quality-proven main components and a durable design for minimised downtime, ensuring long-term reliability and operational efficiency in demanding conditions.

Fuel Efficiency: Increased productivity and improved fuel economy are attributed to the electronic optimisation of the hydraulic system and the new-generation engine, enhancing overall performance and cost-effectiveness.

Reliability: Improved reliability is achieved through the use of high-performance materials combined with new methods of structural stress analysis, which leads to increased component life expectancy and thus reduces operating costs, ensuring consistent performance and minimal downtime.

Maintenance: Reduced maintenance increases the availability and reduces the operating costs of the excavator, providing enhanced efficiency and profitability for your operations.