Why choose Doosan earthmoving equipment for your project?

When you’re looking for dependable earthmoving equipment that won’t let you down, you should consider a combination of top quality, high performance and the reliable support of a technical team.

The Doosan team has established a sound reputation for the supply and support of a wide range of excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks and attachments that perfectly suit your requirements.

We know how important it is for you – whether you’re in mining, plant hire, engineering, or construction – that you are able to trust your earthmoving equipment to efficiently handle the challenges of any onsite conditions.

Formidable construction machinery for all conditions

The durability of a machine should never be overlooked when choosing earthmoving equipment.

Doosan machines are built to withstand even the most difficult working conditions. Our tough machines operate at peak performance in hot or cold weather, on rough terrain and in dusty conditions.

You can depend on Doosan earthmoving equipment to get the job done. Efficiently.

Robust earthmoving equipment that won’t let you down

Doosan machines are known globally for advanced design, innovative manufacturing and durable materials. They offer you the power and versatility to handle any job efficiently and safely.

With cutting-edge technology and a focus on operator comfort, you can be sure that Doosan excavators, wheel loaders or articulated dump trucks won’t let you down.

Superior power and reliable performance

Doosan manufactures a range of small, medium and large-sized excavators. They are designed to deliver high performance and safe operation in any environment.

We are proud of our small excavators that combine impressive digging force and operator convenience. We are also proud of our medium and large excavators that deliver maximum productivity, excellent durability and fuel economy.

Excellent capability in tough conditions

Doosan wheel loaders offer high power and agility in the toughest conditions. Customers are impressed with the pristine quality and a new level of durability. These ensure the highest possible equipment utilisation rate and an increase in revenue.

Doosan’s optimised accessories maximise excavator and wheel loader performance.

Our specially designed high-quality, high-performance attachments enhance the performance of every machine, to meet every customer’s specific application requirements.

Stability and power completed with Doosan’s original technology

Doosan’s advanced articulated dump truck technology guarantees optimum productivity, powerful driving performance and precise control. All of this even under the most demanding conditions.

Other benefits of this technology include outstanding durability, fuel efficiency and convenient maintenance.

A partner that stands with you

As the official distributor of Doosan earthmoving equipment in South Africa, we at DISA Equipment will always stand with you. We provide world-class after-sales service and support to ensure your Doosan machine always performs optimally.

Our team of highly-skilled technical and after-sales staff offer support whether your machine needs servicing, replacement parts, or repairs. Doosan always goes the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our service.

Build a solid foundation. Build with Doosan!

The partnership between Doosan and DISA ensures a dependable solution for all your earthmoving requirements.

Build a solid foundation for your project by supplying and supporting the correct machines and accessories for every task.

Contact us today for more information on Doosan earthmoving equipment or find your nearest DISA branch.

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