Off-Road Dump Trucks

Shaanxi Tonly Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech Chinese enterprise specializing in the manufacture of mining dump trucks. Tonly has built the largest mining dump truck manufacturing base in China, and it is the pioneer and leader in China’s mining dump truck industry.

Through years of study in the working conditions and basic parts of mining dump trucks, Tonly has mastered the core technology and research methods and established “Tonly Technology,” providing products that meet customers’ needs.

Tonly TLD65

Payload: 40 Ton Cargo Capacity: Struck 25m³ /2:1 Heaped 30.6m Engine: 430HP/316kW

Tonly TLD90

Payload: 60 TON Cargo Capacity: 30 m³ (standard)/36m³ (heaped) Engine: 530HP/390kW

Tonly TL859

Payload: 40 Ton Cargo Capacity:Engine: 460HP/338kW

Tonly TLS753

Payload: 50 Ton Cargo Capacity:Engine: 430HP/316kW