Designed with durability and excellent fuel efficiency in mind.

Develon Tracked Excavator

Tracked Excavators

Develon supplies an extensive range of tracked excavators throughout Southern Africa that is designed for durability and fuel efficiency. Our tracked excavator range is known for its excavating force, unrivaled performance and excellent fuel efficiency. Choose from our models listed below.

Develon DX55-5C

Operating Weight(kg): 5,400
Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.18
Engine Power (kW): 36.2

Develon DX75-5B

Develon DX75-5B Tracked Excavator
Operating Weight(kg): 6,980 – 7,420 Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.3 Engine Power (kW): 39

Develon DX140LC

Operating Weight(kg): 14,700
Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.51
Engine Power (kW): 71

Develon DX220LCA-2

Develon DX220LCA-2 Tracked Excavator
Operating Weight(kg): 20,800 – 22,000 Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.92- 1.08 Engine Power(kW): 109

Develon DX225LC-5 SLR

Operating Weight(kg): 24,400
Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.45
Engine Power (kW): 124

Develon DX225LC-7M

Develon DX225LC-7M Tracked Excavator
Operating Weight(kg): 21,700 Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.92 – 1.05 Engine Power (kW): 129.4

Develon DX300LC-7 SLR

Operating Weight(kg): 33,000
Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.64
Engine Power (kW): 199

Develon DX300LC-7M

Operating Weight(kg): 31,800
Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.8 – 1.75
Engine Power (kW): 138

Develon DX360LC-7B

Develon DX360LC-7B tracked excavator
Operating Weight(kg): 36,000 Bucket Capacity(m3):1.94 – 2.32 Engine Power(kW): 210

Develon DX450LC-7M

Operating Weight(kg): 44,400
Bucket Capacity(m3): 2.16
Engine Power (kW): 251.5

Develon DX800LC-5B

Develon DX800LC-5B Tracked Excavator
Operating Weight(kg): 78,000 Bucket Capacity(m3): 3.42 Engine Power (kW): 354

Develon DX1000LC-7

Develon DX1000LC-7 Tracked Excavator
Operating Weight(kg): 97,000 – 99,500 Bucket Capacity(m3): 4 – 6.8 Engine Power (kW): 470

Front End Loaders / Wheel Loaders

Designed for superior power, to enhance productivity and performance.

Our wheel loaders range is designed to withstand the toughest site conditions, enhance productivity and performance. Choose from our wide range of wheel loader models below.

Develon SD200

Develon SD200
Operating Weight(kg): 10,400 Bucket Capacity(m3): 1.7 Engine Power (kW): 92

Develon SD300

Develon SD300
Operating Weight(kg): 17,000 Bucket Capacity(m3): 2.7 Engine Power (kW): 162

Develon DL320A-7M

Operating Weight(kg): 18,590 – 20,475 Bucket Capacity(m3): 3.0 – 6.0 Engine Power (kW): 156

Develon DL420A-7M

Operating Weight(kg): 22,530 Bucket Capacity(m3): 3.9 Engine Power (kW): 218

Develon DL420-2

Operating Weight(kg): 24,100 Bucket Capacity(m3): 4.3 Engine Power: 226

Develon DL550

Develon DL550
Operating Weight(kg): 31,100 Bucket Capacity(m3): 5.4 Engine Power: 294

Articulated Dump Trucks

The Develon articulated dump truck range can withstand the toughest site conditions and is designed with fuel efficiency in mind. This range guarantees optimal performance and unrivaled productivity.

Develon DA30

Maximum Power: 276kW @ 2,100 rpm Maximum Payload: 28 m t Body capacity heaped (with/without tailgate): 18 m3

Develon DA45

  • Maximum Power: 368kW @ 2,100 rpm Maximum Payload: 40 m t Body capacity heaped (with/without tailgate): 24.4