Everdigm EHB50-BA

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Working weight (Kg): 4,010 Operating Pressure: 165-185 Carrier Weight(ton): 40-70

Working Weight (kg): 4010
Required Oil Flow (lpm): 230-330
Operating Pressure (bar): 165-185
Blow Frequency (bpm):
– 250-370 low speed
– 350-500 high speed
Impact Energy (joule):
– 10,400 low speed
– 7,900 high speed
Tool Shank Diameter (mm): 180
Carrier Weight (ton): 40-70

Proven Working Principle
Pressurised nitrogen gas is the main power source, to operate with less demand on the carrier’s hydraulic system.

Dual Speed Control
Control blow frequency adjusting to hardness of rock.

Underwater Application
Allowing hammer submerged in water.

Rugged construction
Jigsaw shaped main bracket design achieves better resilience from external force. Sound and long-lasting body structure.

Increased life time of dampers and wear plates
New type of composite 2 layered damper and wear plate has longer lifetime than conventional material. Longer maintenance interval.

Swivel Joint
Produces vibration induced hose failure.

– Road Construction
– Demolition & Building renovation
– Primary and secondary breaking in quarries
– Tunnelling
– Rail Construction
– Asphalt-concrete works