Develon DX220LCA-2

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Operating Weight(kg): 20,800 – 22,000 Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.92- 1.08 Engine Power(kW): 109

Weight (kg): 20,800-22,000
Bucket Size (m³): Std GP 0.92-1.08
Digging Depth (m): 6.59

Engine Details:
Develon DB58TIS
6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
109 KW

Short Undercarriage (7 Track Rollers)

Fuel efficiency
The enhancements to the hydraulic systems of the DX220LCA-2 enable you to use engine power in a more effective manner. The DX220LCA-2 is capable of performing the same intensity of operations at much lower fuel consumption than others of the same class, significantly increasing your work efficiency.

Optimized lever control and auto idle
When the operator takes a break and leaves the control joystick fixed, both the engine and the pump are kept in standby mode which prevents unnecessary fuel consumption.

Pump-matching technology
Develon’s advanced engine and pump matching technology fully resolves the low response time of the system and unnecessary fuel consumption.