The environmentally-friendly DISD SD200 and SD300 front end loaders apply proven technologies to meet customer requirements.

The recently launched Doosan DISD wheel loader series perfectly integrates world class technology, with a new low speed engine. These robust new machines have also been designed to create a higher level of efficiency to save fuel, while maintaining optimum power levels.

DISD SD200 wheel loaders with an operating weight of 10,400 kg and SD300 wheel loaders with an operating weight of 16,800 kg are ideally suited for safe and efficient use in light to medium applications, including quarries, sand works, general roadworks and most agricultural applications.

The SD200 wheel loaders have WP6G125E22 engines, with a rated horse power rating of 92 kW/2200 rpm and maximum torque of 500 N.m. The SD300 machines are fitted with a WD10G220E23 engine, with a rated horse power rating of 162 Kw/2000 rpm and maximum torque of 930 N.m.

The instrument panel has been upgraded and a centralised and combined switch is positioned near the multi-angle, adjustable steering wheel. This enables easy control of the electrical components, for precise operation of the loader.

“What’s also notable about these machines, is the streamlined appearance, wide operating room and broadened rearward visual field. The new design, with a spacious cab, not only contributes to greater work efficiency, but improves operator comfort and safety on site,” says Darrel Holton, managing director, DISA Equipment (Pty) Limited, trading as Doosan, part of the Capital Equipment Group of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Other key features include noise reduction technology and an efficient air-conditioning and air-circulation system, which enables continuous operation and uninterrupted work under elevated temperatures in Africa.

These machines have a solid frame structure for improved strength and reliability and a protective rear radiator grill moulding, with a solid steel bar structure, prevents damage from the outside.

The new radiator design improves cooling performance and enhances durability of parts, including the engine and pumps. A high-efficiency cooling fan, with seven non-isometric blades, is designed to increase air flow and reduce noise levels. The double bearing supporting propeller shaft in dual configuration improves reliability of the propeller shaft. Lubricating oil can be infused easily, enhancing the durability of the transmission shaft.

The SD200 and SD300’s working attachments and articulated pins are accurately sized to position the force bearing area correctly and to increase diameters of the boom pin roll and front and back frame articulated pin roll.

The new series, with a convenient top-end maintenance management system, has been designed for quick and effortless maintenance. The open-end hood can be opened completely, not only to easily refill oil or gas and to replace inner parts, but is also convenient for daily maintenance procedures. The 180° side-opened maintenance window provides a quick and direct view for inspection, saving daily monitoring and maintenance time.

An outdoor power switch is used to cut off battery power when necessary, for enhanced safety during maintenance and for protecting the battery and preserving its service life, when the loader is parked for extended periods.

Doosan earthmoving equipment – which encompasses track, wheel and mini excavators, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), as well as wheel loaders and specially-designed attachments – is supported by a technical advisory, maintenance and support service through DISA’s national branch and distributor network. The company also provides efficient delivery of parts throughout southern Africa to ensure minimum downtime.

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