The robust Doosan DX520LCA-K excavator boost productivity in demanding conditions

Doosan DX520LCA-K crawler excavators, that were launched locally three years ago, have earned a reputation for dependable operation in tough conditions. Added to this, feedback from the market indicates that users are impressed with this machine’s impressive engine power of 223 kW @ 2,000 rpm and the bucket capacity of between 1.8 – 3.28 m³.

The DX520LCA-K crawler excavator series, with an operational weight 52,200 kg, has been developed with advanced features for higher productivity, greater stability on site and lower operational costs, than previous machines.

“New design features comprise a high lifting capacity, which is made possible by the heaviest counterweight in its class and the large, sturdy undercarriage and counterweight, that enhance stability of the machine. This robust construction allows the operator to safely perform tough and heavy workloads, even in challenging conditions,” explains Darrel Holton, managing director, DISA Equipment (Pty) Limited, trading as Doosan, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “The DX520LCA-K has the widest standard variable undercarriage available – 3,90 m extended and 3,34 m retracted. This heavy-duty X-shaped undercarriage has an integrated track spring and idler, as well as a durable box section track frame and self-lubricating sealed links. All welded structures are designed to limit stresses. The hydraulic track adjuster has a shock absorbing tension mechanism.

“Other new features include a high-performance mechanical injection engine for fuel efficiency and advanced technology for optimum power management and easy maintenance. These robust excavators also boast greater traction and bucket digging forces and increased swing torque that ensure improved performance and faster cycle times to boost productivity.”

DX520LCA-K excavators are powered by an environmentally friendly DX12 mechanical engine, which encompasses Doosan’s continuously evolving engine technology. Various system improvements ensure greater maximum engine output, thereby reducing the engine’s workload during machine operation. Doosan has also improved the engine’s components to eliminate the possibility of failure in the field. The improved design and materials of key components, including the engine block, cylinder head and piston, have significantly extended service life of the engine. A large fan size – with improved air, hydraulic oil and fuel filter efficiency – enhances cooling performance, thus reducing fuel consumption.

The e-EPOS system (Electronic Power Optimising System) ensures economy and smoothness of operation, by providing a synchronised communication link between the engine’s electronic control unit and the hydraulic system, to ensure power is delivered exactly as required.

Advantages of the user-friendly e-POS system include ease of operation, availability of power through three selectable user modes for optimum efficiency under all conditions. The standard Auto Idle function automatically puts the engine and pump into the ‘standby’ mode when it detects a pause during operation. This function helps reduce fuel consumption by lowering idling RPM. Regulation and precise control of the flow rate required by the equipment is standard and a self-diagnosis function enables technical problems to be resolved quickly. Machine settings and maintenance data are clearly displayed on a new user-friendly LCD colour monitor.

These machines have an advanced hydraulic circuit design which separates the oil flows for the travel and boom function to ensure precise and safe operation when handling loads during travel. Circuits for the boom, arm and bucket are optimised for smooth control during combination work.

The H-class bucket, which is manufactured from high-strength steel, is offered as a standard feature and has been upgraded with the addition of a side cutter and chamfer, as well as an inner plate.

New design features incorporate the latest ergonomics for improved safety and greater comfort, ensuring operators work in conditions conducive to high productivity. A spacious, all-weather sound-suppressed cab offers a clear view of the site and effective air conditioning and an adjustable seat, with an optional air suspension system to reduce vibrations, enhances comfort.

The control panel is conveniently positioned for easy use and is simple to read. For improved safety, there are large handrails and a wide step with anti-slip plates, right and left rear view mirrors, a travel alarm and safety glass.

The DX520LCA-K series has been designed for easy access to all components for quick maintenance procedures and to prevent contamination to the surrounding environment.

Doosan construction equipment – which encompasses track, wheel and mini excavators, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), as well as wheel loaders and various attachments – has been designed to cope efficiently and safely in Africa’s harsh operating conditions. Doosan offers a technical advisory, repair, maintenance and spare parts service, through a national network of branches and carefully selected distributors.

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